*All subjects are taught in Japanese.
Study of Japanese and
an academic subject at the same time

In response to requests according to such situations as "My child goes to a Japanese school, but he cannot follow class well" and "My child needs to acquire Japanese language skill necessary for daily living," we also teach Japanese language in parallel with academic subjects. Our aim is acquisition of academic ability and Japanese proficiency.

At each student's own pace, starting from
where he / she can start.

"My child needs to conquer the subjects he has difficulty with, but a cram school is a little too..., ", "My child cannot adapt to school class well, and her delay in study is a concern."
We respond to various problems related to study. As to study on academic subjects,
we emphasize the fundamentals. Let's study together with classmates from various countries.


We decide what kind of study is needed in what subjects, based on the parent-and-child interview. We consistently establish the optimal curriculum by reviewing the record of course of study.
The entrance of the classroom has an interphone with a TV monitor, to confirm visitors by voice and image. We thus provide an environment for children to study safely.

Lessons in groups of up to 4 persons or private lessons. One to three lessons a week, 60 minutes or 90 minutes per lesson, according to children's situations.
*Expenses for teaching materials are separate.
* ( ) is for a private lesson.

<Japanese language lessons>    

Lessons in groups of up to four persons. Please apply as a group. When levels of difference are large among students in a group, they may not study in the same group. As to a schedule, consult us.

JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency Test)
This is a test to measure and accredit Japanese language proficiency, conducted in December every year. We conduct mainly question drills to prepare for the test in three fields:"Writing-vocabulary," "Listening, " "Reading-grammar, " each for from the 1st to the 4th levels of the test. Please ask us for details.

Lessons on the content or level you request are possible. Students can acquire content according to purpose, for from conversation skills necessary for daily living, to language skills needed in business interaction, at each individual's own pace. As to a schedule, consult us.
* Fee: 4,000 yen (60 min.)
* Expenses for teaching materials are separate.
BJT(Business Japanese Proficiency Test)
The test is conducted in June and November every year. It is helpful for people who want to get good jobs or make their career up in Japan. We help students for the test in "business Japanese,"centered on question drills. Please ask us for details.